HRTX will take place in 8 key cities across the US, bringing the best of talent leaders and speakers together to learn about technology, recruitment, and HR in an open environment.


HRTX is different. It’s like a real time workshop / design thinking session that helps me solve real problems that keep me up at night.

I’ve had such great experiences at each event that I’ve been to that I am now going to MC all 8 #HRTX events in 2018.

Brian Fink

Master of Everything

Join us at one of our upcoming events.


#HRTX Washington DC

 February 8, 2018

#HRTX Dallas

March 8, 2018

#HRTX Boston

April 12, 2018

#HRTX Atlanta

May 3, 2018

#HRTX San Fran

August 9, 2018

#HRTX Chicago

September 6, 2018

#HRTX New York City

October 4, 2018

#HRTX Los Angeles

November 1, 2018

What can you expect when you attend an #HRTX event?

#HRTX is where design thinking meets un-conference. Talent Acquisition and Recruitment leaders gather for a half day collaboration event where you will work together to solve everyday challenges in TA and Recruitment.

We do this in a unique setting that combines subject matter experts from the most forward thinking tech solutions and the areas top TA and recruitment leaders allowing for true collaboration and problem solving. 

Short story: You come with problems, you leave with actionable solutions and a network to help you execute.

HRTX RecruitingDaily
HRTX RecruitingDaily
HRTX RecruitingDaily

Who attends HRTX?

You lead (manager, director, VP or above) a talent acquisition department (corporate not contractor), your company has more than 1,000 employees OR in 2018 you need to hire more than 300 people.

Design thinking meets un-conference

This is how many of our attendees describe HRTX. A half day session of live brainstorm and solution based outcomes sessions where area TA leaders get to work through their organizations greatest talent challenges.

What makes #HRTX different is that we are here to solve real problems that keep you up at night. You'll spend a half day brainstorming with the areas TA and Recruitment leaders and leave with actionable solutions and maybe, if it works for you some great tech.

No slides. No keynote. Nothing ordinary.

In the world of talent acquisition, we understand better than most that time is a precious commodity. So, we invite you to join us for a morning full of learning that we know will be of immense value. We'll have you back in your office that afternoon, so you can finish up your day with actionable experience.

In other words, it's worth it to attend and you can tell your boss we said so.

The day is simple: 

Each city will have 3 different problems to solve for. 

  1. We’ll start with introductions and have a light breakfast / truckload of coffee.
  2. We'll break into 4 groups.
  3. You'll engage in candid sessions facilitated by industry experts with deep knowledge, to solve for what is keeping TA and Recruitment leaders up at night.
  4. We'll have a nice lunch and wrap up with a witty ending sharing all of the ideas that were debated during the event.



From the event


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#HRTX New York

#HRTX Los Angeles

Convince Yourself, Your Team, Your Boss

Get a first glimpse at our cutting-edge products and solutions that will make your job faster, easier and more effective.


Meet 1:1 with industry thought leaders and have your essential business-specific questions answered.

Create an action plan to overcome your sourcing, attraction, tools and tech challenges.

Discuss the latest research and insights on such industry trends to help you win in today’s competitive talent marketplace.


Start relationships with the area’s most connected recruiting and HR professionals.

Develop a better macro understanding of the state of recruiting and HR technology.

A Sampling of Past Attending TA Leading Companies

Our Attendees Are Local Industry Leaders

Local leaders in Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, and Technology that drive change and push the boundaries of innovation

James Ellis

James Ellis

Sr. Mgr Employment Brand, Groupon

Alan Fluhrer

Alan Fluhrer

Talent Acquisition Mgr. W.E. O'Neil Construction

Debra Yarnall

Debra Yarnall

Senior Sourcing Manager IBM

Alina Steinberg Baugh

Alina Steinberg Baugh

HR and TA Leader Mobility Technology

Tim Koirtyohann

Tim Koirtyohann

Recruiting Manager Sunbelt Rentals

Brian Fink

Brian Fink

Talent Acquisition Lead, Relus Technologies

Alison McKay

Alison McKay

Infrastructure Strategy Hiring, Facebook

Debbie Celado

Debbie Celado

VP Employer Brand Marketing Leader Citizens Bank

Nicole Greenberg

Nicole Greenberg

Principal Consultant, STA Worldwide

Angie Verros

Angie Verros

Founder, Vaia Talent



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