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If you’ve attended #HRTX Virtual in the past then you know the quality of content is high-level.

The trainers are badass and the learning that takes place is really special. For the last #HRTX of 2020 we’ve worked hard to build an agenda that is sure to impact your abilities (the moment you end the training)

Take a look at the list below. Then decide, is this worth a few hours? Ronnie thinks so…


Yes! #HRTX Virtual is back for 1 more party in 2020.

This #HRTX Virtual might prove to be one of the most knowledge-driven events this year in sourcing. From hands-on learning to deep dives into some of the most effective sourcing hacks from top trainers and practitioners in the business.

We’ll be getting hands-on with:

  1. DE&I, Boomerangs, Lay off lists
  3. Messaging
  4. Excel
  5. Intakes
  6. Phone Sourcing and Conversion
  7. Gamification in the Recruitment process
  8. Sourcing models and 360 Recruiting
  9. High Volume Recruiting
  10. Automation high volume hiring to increase productivity/efficiency

Who are the trainers?

Our team of trainers are excited to help you.

Johnny Campbell

CEO at Social Talent

Michaela Madová

SN Talent Acquisition & Identification Manager, CZE, SVK, A at Coca-Cola HBC

Mark Tortorici

Founder, Training Expert & Staffing Manager at Transform Talent Acquisition

Shally Steckerl

Founder of The Sourcing Institute Foundation

Giselle Saatchi

Principal Saatchi and Associates

Katie Gentry

Talent Discovery Partner, RND Clinical Development at Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Erin Mathew

Strategic Talent Sourcing Manager at Maxar Technologies

José Kadlec

LinkedIn Certified Technologist & Notorious Recruitment Entrepreneur


Ryan Leary

#HRTX Virtual Emcee & CMO at



11:00 am est - 12:00 pm est

Main Hall

Ten Transformational Tips & Two Ways to Do Each

Katie Gentry & Shally Steckerl

Shally Steckerl & Katie Gentry will walk you through 10 different strategies, techniques, and tips designed to create more fluid and efficient sourcing workflow.
Shally Steckerl & Katie Gentry will walk you through 10 different strategies, techniques, and tips designed to create more fluid and efficient sourcing workflow.
No only that, they’ll show you two ways of executing each of them.  Options are a great thing.
In this session, they’ll cover:
  2. Email Deliverability
  3. Pinterest & Instagram Search
  4. Phone Sourcing
  5. Warm-Up Cold Call
  6. Excel
  7. Inbox Triage
  8. Autoresponders
  9. Intake Meeting Questions
  10. Diversity Search

12:00 pm est - 12:20 pm est

Main Hall

Eric Jaquith

Better Ways to Identify More Talent – SeekOut

Eric Jaquith

There are many ways to build great searches. Join us as we share 6 more ways SeekOut users are able to find people most other recruiters will never find.

Eric will show you some of his favorite searches and explore some of the most powerful SeekOut features used by only the most accomplished sourcers and recruiters. Take these new skills and apply them to all your hard-to-fill roles and start beating the competition today.


Eric Jaquith is an Enterprise Sales Executive at SeekOut provides recruiters with a competitive advantage identifying hard-to-find and diverse talent. Eric has been a recruiter for over 20 years and trains recruiters around the globe. Connect with him on LinkedIn.


12:25 pm est - 1:40 pm est

Main Hall

Recruitment Engineering in the Transhuman Age

Michaela Madová & José Kadlec

Learn the ropes of recruitment engineering from a recruitment practitioner and a former software engineer who founded the talent sourcing center and recruitment agency with over 140 employees in 5 years, awarded as the 415th fastest growing company in Europe by Financial Times.
Josef hasn’t written a self-help book yet, but if he did and merged it with the recruitment industry it would be called: “Recruiters are from Mars, Candidates are from New Jersey.”
Recruiters create artificial robots and fly around in augmented reality but candidates are subjected to boring LinkedIn invitations or a telephone call.
We hear it from everywhere – virtual reality, mixed reality, chatbots, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and others. But what is really your competitive advantage in today’s sourcing market?
This will be completed by a case study on digital tools and gamification by the Talent Acquisition Manager at Coca-Cola HBC.
In this session:
  • How to dominate the recruitment market through people & tech
  • Which operating sourcing model is the most optimal and what is the data behind the most successful sourcers and 360-degree recruiters
  • 5 practical rules on how to become a competitive recruiter or sourcer
  • Recommended sourcing & recruitment stack
  • The future of sourcing and what emerging technologies are applicable already today
  • Business personal branding as the most underestimated element of today’s HR marketing
  • Case study: Gamification in the recruitment process of Coca-Cola HBC

1:40 pm est - 2:00 pm est

Main Hall


Tracking Diversity Outreach Efforts with Gem

Alem Abai

Learn how you can use Gem to build and nurture a diverse candidate pipeline to improve your diversity recruiting efforts.

Alem Abai is an Account Executive for Gem, focusing on partnering with small and medium sized businesses.



2:05 pm est - 3:15 pm est

Main Hall

Sourcing Behind the Mask: What the Pandemic Means for the Modern Sourcer

Johnny Campbell

Sourcing is hard, and despite the new consensus from hiring managers (thanks again, pandemic) that it is easier right now, it absolutely is not. We're facing day-to-day challenges that did not previously exist.
Many things have changed since the beginning of this year, obviously.  Sourcers have new obstacles to overcome while still pummeling through common problems they faced before the year from…well…began.
In this session we’ll cover:
  • Why sourcing is harder
  • And why Hiring Managers think it’s easier
  • Hot is cold, cold is hot
  • DE&I and how it factors into the current state
  • Lay off lists​ and how to use them
  • Old is the new New!
  • Start at home
  • Boomerangs​ – what does that even mean?
  • Changing your priorities
  • Referrals 2.0

    3:15 pm est - 3:35 pm est

    Main Hall
    Eugene Garla, XOR

    Virtual Career Fairs

    Eugene Garla

    It’s not always possible to meet face-to-face with all of your candidates - but don't let that stop you from missing out on the best talent.


    Virtual Career Fairs are the perfect way to start conversations and drive more qualified candidates into your hiring pipeline while being 100% digital.

    Virtual Career Fairs are scheduled online events where recruiters can engage candidates in real-time over live chat, text messaging, video conferencing or any other channels from anywhere, 24/7.

    In this demo, see how you can leverage XOR’s Virtual Career Fairs solutions to:

    • Create amazing virtual hiring experiences for high-volume hiring
    • Engage talent over live chat, video and text messaging to increase conversions
    • Manage candidate conversations to hire better people, faster


    Eugene Garla is Director of Sales at XOR who specializes in helping recruiting teams use modern recruiting communication, such as virtual career fairs, text messaging, chatbots, and artificial intelligence, to meet their hiring goals.


    3:35 pm est - 4:00 pm est

    Main Hall

    Can I have a side of respect with that phone screen?

    Giselle Saatchi

    Remember the Golden Rule… a principle of treating others as you want to be treated.

    Remember the last time you went to a fast food drive-thru, you drive home and you realize you are missing part of your meal because no one bothered to check your bag before you left to enjoy your meal.  How did you feel?

    You took the time to drive to grab something to eat and the restaurant employee didn’t bother to ask you if you needed condiments or check your bag to ensure your order was complete.  Frustrating these days, huh?

    Same concept, make your candidate feel valued, informed, and want to continue the conversation. Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of our candidates. I know we all are really busy with intake meetings, reviewing resumes, sourcing, etc. but at times we forget how important an effective phone screen is long term.

    In this session I will discuss:

    • The importance of a phone screen.
    • What are the key components of the phone screen that are important to a candidate.
    • How to become a brand ambassador of your company.
    • How to leave your candidate well informed and make them a brand ambassador for your company as well.
    • How to leave your candidate feeling respected and informed.


    4:00 pm est - 4:20 pm est

    Main Hall

    Eugene Garla, XOR

    Sourcing Active & Vetted for a Healthy Pipeline

    Lara Schwede

    Tired of searching through hundreds of resumes and profiles only to find a few candidates that make the cut ..and then only having 10% (or less) respond to you? Meet Vettery.

     With a 100% candidate response rate within 3 business days and an 85% offer acceptance rate, Vettery can speed up your sourcing by 4x! 

    By providing you with a curated talent pool of tech, sales and business candidates vetted for both quality and intent, Vettery does the heavy lifting up front.

    Join Lara as she demonstrates why thousands of companies such as Peloton, Capital One, Stash, Kustomer and more trust Vettery to find and hire the best talent on the market.

    The biggest difference is the partnership Vettery provides. It isn’t just a website, they have great people who work with you every step of the way” Hayley — Senior Tech Recruiter @ Capital One

    Lara Schwede is a Customer Success Manager at Vettery, working closely with our partners to streamline their sourcing process and build great teams.


    4:25 pm est - 5:30 pm est

    Main Hall

    Fish in a Barrel (Source Where the Talent Is)

    Mark Tortorici & Erin Mathew

    Sometimes we make sourcing too hard on ourselves. With all the tools, tricks and technologies, it can be easy to get lost. You can also feel stuck if you focus too much on your go-to sourcing method. Or even worse, you've fished all the candidates out of your part of the ocean.
    User groups, forums, coding groups, meetups, organizations, alumni groups, study groups, etc., are great because of the high amount of candidates with similar backgrounds.
    The only problem is searching some of these.  Some of these sites have very little information on the profiles and some of the networks absolutely require you to be logged in before you start messaging the users.
    Never fear! In this special sourcing lab, Erin Mathew and Mark Tortorici will show you not only how to find these candidates but also how to contact them.
    No matter which job reqs you work on or which industry you hire for, there are groups that you can source from.
    If you are having trouble generating candidates or even finding out where they are, then go fish (source) where all the candidates hang out!
    The number of passive (or active) hires will increase when you expand your search to these areas.
    In this session:
    • Understand the unique challenges of high volume recruiting
    • Receive recommendations on how to solve for those challenges
    • Learn which high volume hiring tasks can be automated to increase productivity and efficiency

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