#HRTX Speaker Spotlight: Ronnie Bratcher

In today’s episode of Sourcing School, Ronnie Bratcher takes Ryan & Brian on a deep dive into The Fifth Dimension of Sourcing. What is the fifth dimension of sourcing, you ask?  That’s a great question – and it’s what you’re here to learn. For now, we’ll just call it a place filled with cosmic nuggets you can’t find anywhere on planet LinkedIn.

Ronnie is currently a principal contract sourcer/senior technical sourcer & recruiter with a demonstrated history of working within the information technology sector. Not only is he passionate about the process (as you’ll soon learn if you don’t know him already), he is leadership and specialist certified, focused in sourcing, recruiting and social media from The Sourcing Institute.

What you’ll learn

We discuss some ideas that you could test and implement to incorporate into 5% of your sourcing process to help find data and profiles that you are potentially missing in your normal sourcing routine.  Plus a little travel through the confines of time and space.  Who could say no to that?

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