#HRTX Speaker Spotlight: Alla Pavlova


In today’s episode of Sourcing School, Alla Pavlova takes Ryan Leary and Brian Fink to virtual class, sharing tips and tricks for online team sourcing sessions. As a bonus, Brian performs his personal rendition of (what we think is) a Peabo Bryson song while Ryan attempts to contain him. Then, in a shocking turn of events, Brian distracts Ryan with fishing before Alla rings the bell and reels them in.

Take a breath and prepare for a great show because you are going to learn. A lot.

Alla is an interim tech sourcer & recruiter based in Amsterdam. She’s worked with companies like Miro, Dott, My.Games, Blendle, Relive and GameHouse Journeys, and she’s currently building tech teams at Riot Games (HKSG Studio).

She’s basically a fun as heck person. Visit her website here: http://empathic.club/

In Today’s Podcast

How to prepare and plan it for team sourcing? Which tools should you use, and what will work best for an online setup?  How can you diversify your sessions to make it easier for everyone to contribute?

A few tips we’ll cover:

  1. Immersing yourself into the trade
  2. Openly communicate challenges and points of curiosity
  3. Sourcing on Twitch, YouTube, Slack, and TikTok

More Alla Coming Up.

She’ll be with us again in September for #HRTX Virtual: Hardcore Sourcing to take us in-depth on Online team Sourcing Sessions: Tips & Tricks.

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