#HRTX Speaker Spotlight: Larry Anderson

We are so excited to have Larry Anderson with us today.  He’s agreed to let us pick his brain on how to finalize those candidates and “Close the Good Ones.”

Larry is a Senior Technical Recruiter at connectRN, a platform that connects nurses and aides with peers and new opportunities to help create the best versions of their careers. And he is no stranger to us!  He’s not only a seasoned recruiter with an extensive background at companies like Spanx & elev8, but he has also featured as a trainer at multiple RecruitingDaily HRTX Sourcing & Recruiting events.

Today, we dissect what it really takes to “Close the Good Ones.”  We’re talking communication, transparency, the benefit of the doubt, window sales, and more.

We get into:

  1. Closing the senior leader vs. an individual contributor.
  2. Who talks about money first?
  3. What kind of questions should you ask before pitching the opportunity?

Of course there’s more…but you have to tune in to find out!

More Larry Coming Up.

He’ll be with us again in September for HRTX Virtual Hardcore Sourcing to take us in-depth on Closing the Good Ones.  Grab your ticket here.