#HRTX Speaker Spotlight: Erin Mathew

On today’s episode of Sourcing School, Erin Mathew combines her chef valor and recruitment prowess to teach us all about adding a dash of marketing to our sourcing workflow.

Erin is the Strategic Talent Sourcing Manager at Maxar Technologies where she manages a team of 3 strategic talent sourcers.  She is also a SourceCon Academy Graduate and has presented at over a dozen sourcing & recruiting training events, including RecruitingDaily’s HRTX (hint: she’s ba-a-a-a-ack and we are so happy).

What you’ll learn:

Sourcing isn’t only a game of searching and outreach. All too often many shy away from integrating any kind of marketing or content creation into their workflow. You don’t need a marketing degree to generate engaging materials that will catch the eye of job seekers. There are a few simple methods and free tools to take the plunge at getting creative in attracting talent.

A few questions we’ll answer:

  1. Why do recruiters shy away from marketing?
  2. Why it’s important to embrace your creative nature if you want to kick ass.
  3. Three things to add to the recruiting workflow for successful marketing.

And more…of course.  But you have to listen to learn.

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