HRTX September 2022 Hardcore Sourcing Hacking Tech Talent

December 7 & 8, 2022

HRTX: Hacking ALL Talent 


HRTX September 2022 Hardcore Sourcing Hacking Tech Talent


2 Days. 56 Trainers 


Mike "Batman" Cohen

Founder/Sourcer, Wayne Technologies

Masterclass: Google Sheets Intensive Training

The most useful and often underutilized tool in Sourcing (and perhaps many other areas of life/business also) is the humble spreadsheet. ​​Learn how to maximize your use of Google Sheets to increase your productivity, efficacy, and data-capture capabilities.

Whether you’re web-scraping, manipulating data, or setting up dashboards…

  • How efficient are you?
  • Are you making the most use of spreadsheets to maximize your data, analysis, and time?
  • How many strings do you wind up writing on a daily or weekly basis?
  • All of those OR statements, or when using LinkedIn, all of those NOT statements also. (did you know on LinkedIn you need a NOT statement in front of every statement you want to exclude? Now you do).

Wouldn’t it be useful to not only have your Boolean Builder, but to know how to manipulate it?

Shally Steckerl

Global Head of Talent Sourcing and People Analytics

Masterclass: Magically Transform Your Sourcing

If you think that after 25 years Shally has learned a few sourcing shortcuts, well, you’d be right. In this intensive masterclass Shally will open his spell book to reveal his all-time greatest tips, along with a few new favorites nobody else has seen… yet, and weave them all together into one seamless workflow that is simple to follow.

The new Google CSE interface makes it even easier to put together an effective custom search engine in under 10 minutes. Extract its results with a one-click scraper, transform that with “plug and play” spreadsheet formulas, enrich the data to get contact information, load it all into your CRM for some lead nurturing and…

Homenum Revelio! Candidates appear as if by magic.

HRTX Recordings

If you could not attend an event, or perhaps you’d like to go back and catch a session you missed, or re-watch a training…we’ve got you covered.

Every HRTX Virtual event is recorded from start to finish. Post-event all recordings are published for access on the website through our Insider membership program.

Each event is published as a video library so you can go back, watch, and re-watch each and every speaker Netflix style at your leisure.

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